Turnblades for ekectric hand planers

Most electric hand planers are equipped with narrow reversible blades with back groove, which are inserted from the side into the shaft.
The prices are net plus VAT.
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Please measure the existing diameter and select:

  • Solid carbide turnblades 75,5 mm

    e.g.forr: AEG/Atlas-Copco: HTH75 BLACK & DECKER: DN75, DN750 BOSCH: 0590, 1590, P400 HAFFNER: FH222 HOLZ-HER: 2223, 2286, 2320 KRESS: EH6701 MAFELL: HU75 METABO: 6375 SKIL: 98H SCHEER: MH75/3

    5,00 EUR

  • Solid carbide turnblades 80,5 mm

    e.g. for: BLACK & DECKER: DN76 ELU: MFF81, MFF40, MFF80

    5,00 EUR

  • Solid carbide turnblades 82 mm

    e.g. for: AEG/ATLAS-COPCO: EH82, EH82S, EH700, EH450, EH822, EH85-1, H500, HE800 BLACK & DECKER: DN710, BD735E, BD725, BD713 BOSCH: PH150, GHO31-82, GHO36-82C, PHO150, PHO100, PHO200, PHO300, PHO15-82, PHO25-82, PHO35-82C FEIN: 2000, HS2151 HAFFNER: FH224, FU20, FU20A HITACHI: P20SA HOLZ-HER: 2321, 2322, 2323, 2324, 2330 MAFELL: EHU82, MHU82 MAKITA: 1100, 1125B, 1900B, 1923H, 1923B METABO: HO0882, HO8382, HO0883, HOE0983, 4382, HO3360 SKIL: 94 SCHEER: MH80

    5,00 EUR

  • Solid carbide turnblades 102 mm

    e.g. for: AEG/ATLAS-COPCO: EH102, HB750, HBE800

    8,70 EUR