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Shopping - fast, comfortable and easy

With us you can shop around the clock via the Internet easily - simply from home. Browse the categories and then click the product for which you are interested to get more information. You can also use the input field "Search" to find products directly. To return to the respective last page, use the "Back" button in your web browser.

Your basket

On the product detail pages you will find an entry field for the quantity and a button "Add to basket". First, enter the desired number and then click on "Add to basket" button to save the product on your virtual "shopping lists".

Then you can continue shopping and place other products into the basket, or change your order.

Comfort is very important for us

With the link "Add to saved list" You can "mark" products until your next visit without obligation, but this must be enabled cookies. "Show saved list" function you later call the marked products on again.

With the link "Recommend product" you can send friends and acquaintances an email if you have found a product that might interest you. In addition, our shop will open your e-mail software and create a message with a link that the recipient can click directly.

Edit your order

Click on the item "show basket" if you want to see your current order. You now get an overview of the items that you have previously added to your shopping cart. If you want to change the order quantity afterwards, enter into the box "Quantity" the new number and click "Update" button. If you want to completely delete a product from your order, click on the Delete icon next to the product. To view details of the products in your cart, click on their names in your shopping cart. If your order is complete, click the "Next" button.

Shipping methods and payment

In the next window, select the desired shipping method. Come on shipping costs, they will appear here. Highlight the desired delivery method and click "Next" to go to the payment. There you opt for a payment and click again on the "Next" button.

Everything OK ?

After that, the order summary appears, in which your order will be shown again as an overview. Please check again if everything is correct, if all articles and the number of are correct and whether you have selected the desired shipping method and payment. From this screen, our general terms and conditions are linked. You must agree before the end of the order by selecting the appropriate check box. Click on "Next" to complete the order.

Your personal information

Your personal data in order to be transmitted in encrypted form, so you recognize the little lock icon on the bottom of the window. Required fields we marked with an asterisk. If you want to specify a different delivery address, you can do it here.
Do yourself and us a favor if you give us your telephone and / or fax to contact you if necessary.
We assure you to save your personal data only for administrative purposes, w do not give them to third parties for commercial purposes.
If your personal information is stored for your next purchase, select the "save address data" function. To use this service, you must have cookies enabled in your browser. If all information is complete and correct, you can complete the order by clicking on "buy now". You will receive shortly thereafter an automatic confirmation e-mail from us, which reproduces the contents of your order, as we have received them.
If you notice a mistake here, please contact us.
Also check please in the next few days your e-mail inbox.
Should there be delays or other problems, we will write to you.

Your email address

Please be extra careful when entering your e-mail address because we use it to get in touch with you.
if the email address is wrong, you will receive no order confirmation, we can not inform you about possible delivery times.
As a precaution, an extra telephone and / or fax number would be helpful.

Cookies und Pop-Ups

Some functions in our shop use cookies to store information on your computer. Cookies must be enabled in your browser in order to use this feature.

Our shop opens a window for the encrypted transmitted order completion. If you are using a pop-up blocker software, you should disable this, otherwise your order can not get completed.
This issue may also occur if the safety settings of your internet explorer are set too high.