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Planer blade system one way

Many planer shafts are prepared for the use of one-way planer blades.
The basic advantage over the use of thin planer knives is that the set-up times are very low, because adjusting the flight circle when changing the blade is no longer necessary.
One-way planer blades are available in standard quality (special steel, developed for these requirements) for the processing of soft to medium-hard woods, and in cobalt-quality (hardened steel) for the processing of medium-hard to hard woods.
For planer shafts, which are prepared for the use of thin planer knives, we offer conversion kits .
Their use is an affordable alternative to a new blade shaft. The blade holders with one-way blades can be used on the existing planer shaft in the future.
You will have no more costs for sharpening the thin planer knives and for adjusting them !

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