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Planer knives

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Abbildung ähnlich)

Straight planer knives are mainly are used on knife shafts of older construction.
We supply them in the following qualities:

- HSS (High Speed Steel with 18% tungsten proportion) for the processing of soft and hard woods with high knife life
- HM (with carbide inlay) for the processing of hard and glued wood with very long service life.

Planer knives are available in 30 and 35 mm blade height, the diameter thickness is 3 mm (other dimensions on request).
Planer knives can be sharpened, the circle must be always readjusted when installing.
Therefor you can use our magnet planer blades adjuster verwenden.

Knife shafts, which are provided for the use of straight planer knives, can be retrofitted with conversion kits for the use of one-way blades.

Prices per piece net plus VAT.
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